Our History

We are a nonprofit organization that exists to provide the support for others that we once sought and could not find. The name Ubuntu was selected because it is a South African proverb that translates to mean “I am because we are”. We knew that we were not the only ones in need of support and community, that if we were in need of these things surely others were in need of them as well. There is an age old saying, “if you can’t find a good friend, be one”. Good friend can be replaced with any number of things that are needed such as community, food, support, etc. This thought is at the root of everything that we do.


Our mission is to constantly examine the ever changing barriers of the trans community and strategize to create unique programs and practices to remove the many obstacles that severely impact trans people's ability to unlock their full potential.


To create a world in which trans & gender nonconforming people are afforded equitable opportunities that allow them to advance their lives. To create a culture in which trans and gender nonconforming people are affirmed, celebrated, & embraced. To remove any obstacle that stops trans and gender nonconforming people from leading a life that is less than extraordinary.

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