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A native of Atlanta & recent graduate of Georgia State university, Derek is a staunch advocate for many disenfranchised communities, most notably the transgender community as well as those affected by HIV. He has founded a nonprofit organization by the name of Ubuntu Incorporated, whose mission it is to continually examine the ever-changing barriers of the trans community and strategize to create unique programs and practices to remove the many obstacles that severely impact trans people’s ability to unlock their full potential. Over the last 2 years Derek has and continues to volunteer his time with many organizations. Derek works to increase knowledge and visibility for the trans community by conducting trainings, giving presentations, and having necessary conversations. 

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Derek Baugh

Paula Baugh

Paula is a native of Georgia. In addition to being a nurse, She is also a champion for the rights & equity of Trans gender and LGBQ+ people. Paula serves as Ubuntu’s Chief Financial Officer & facilitator of SOTI.

  Tori Cooper holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Services. Ms. Cooper serves as the director of community engagement at the HRC. Tori is a staunch advocate for the Trans and HIV communities and travels across the country providing education to providers, clinicians, consumers, students and communities of every size and scope. She created the Hour of Power which is an empowerment group that meets twice monthly for the trans, gender nonconforming communities and allies. She is a National Trainer, Subject Matter Expert (SME), facilitator and consultant with the CDC. She is a National Trainer for NMAC’s Building Leaders of Color (BLOC)  advocacy training program. She is the Executive Director and Founder of Advocates for Better Care (ABC Atlanta, LLC) which seeks to further her mission of education, empowerment and opportunities for marginalized people. She is also an ordained Deacon at Tabernacle Baptist Church under the pastorate of Bishop Dennis A. Meredith. Tori has received numerous awards and honors for her work, but she measures true success when the people she serves achieve viral suppression, when they master new life skills and achieve health and financial equity.

Tori Cooper

Dr. Paula Bloom

Dr. Paula Bloom is a TEDx speaker and 

Mental health expert in English and Spanish both on US and international CNN networks. She has Contributed blogs to PBS’s This Emotional Life and The Huffington Post. 

She’s been featured Glamour, Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan and Woman’s Day. 


Angel James

AJ is the Digital Media Specialist for Ubuntu Inc. He study and majored in Graphic Design at Fairleigh Dickinson University. He is multi-talented and works in an array of meduims from Acrylic Painting, Tattoo Design, and Website Layout Design. 

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